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How to get rid of flies | What can you do?

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Get rid of flies! In summer in particular, there is a good chance that you will have to look for the best way to get rid of flies to prevent a plague. Warm weather is ideal for flies and the reason why they are abundant at that time. What can you do to keep flies out of the house? You can get rid of flies in various ways. We share some convenient tips that help you to prevent a plague in your house.

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Why flies attack your home

how to get rid of fliesThere are several reasons why flies enter your home.

First of all, flies have an excellent sense of smell that attracts them into a house, as they will be able to find sources of food.

Light and warmth
At dusk they are attracted by light and, last by not least, by heat. Flies are looking for warm airflows, and those are available inside houses. Remember to have your doors and windows closed or to have insect screens on your doors and windows, to ensure flies cannot enter.

6 tips for preventing a plague inside your house

There is no fun in dealing with a fly plague, prevention is always better than cure! Besides keeping doors and windows closed and using insect screens, you can use the following DIY tips for keeping flies out of your house we found on various websites and blogs. 

1.   Fan
A fan provides cool air during hot days, but also helps against insects. Flies stay well away from a cold airflow, because they really don't like those.

flies removal with fan

2.   Clear away all your waste immediately
It may not be obvious, but dealing with flies starts with a clean and tidy house. Flies are not interested in a house if there is nothing to eat or if there is nowhere to lay eggs. Make sure you don't leave waste lying around, including in the garden. Fruit in particular is problematic! Empty your bin regularly. 

3.   Cover food
Covering food is another way of dealing with flies in the house. To put it simply, covering food stops flies, because you prevent them from being attracted by the smell. More importantly, by covering food you prevent flies from landing on the food.

4.   Leave lights off
Flies are attracted by light. Try to have as few lights as possible on at night, to prevent flies from entering your home. 

5.   Fill trays
Flies do not like certain strong smells. Put a tray with water and cloves, a pot of basil in the window sill or put an all-purpose cleaner with a strong lemon fragrance in a cup on the table. You can also use a tray with vinegar near a door or open window in areas where flies appear to enter.

6.   Hang up a bag of water
Hang up a bag of water. It has to be a transparent bag, like a sandwich bag or freezer bag. Hang it in the door frame and the flies are less likely to enter, because theory has it that they are frightened off by their own enlarged reflection.

Catch flies? 2 tips for catching flies inside your house

Various websites and other blogs describe all types of DIY tips to catch flies to prevent a plague in your home. 

Make your own fly trap
Cut an empty soft-drinks bottle in half and pour some cordial in the bottom or put a piece of sausage in it. Now insert the top of the bottle back in, but upside down. Adult flies can get in, but they can't get out. You can let them go outside.

Fly trap bag
You can also deal with lots of flies in your home by catching them with a fly trap bag. The bag contains bait that attracts the flies. Once in the bag, the flies cannot escape and ultimately they drown in the water.

If this proves to be ineffective, try the HG solutions that have been developed especially to remove flies effectively from your home.

Remove and catch flies with HG

Do you need to the best way to get rid of flies? HGX electronic fly, wasp and mosquito eliminator is an effective and simple solution for getting rid of flies and mosquitoes.

Fly swatters or an insect lamp to deal with nasty flies

Besides HG's effective solutions and tips to prevent flies inside your home, you can also use an insect lamp that will catch the larger flies in particular. With a UV insect lamp you will catch flies and other insects. The insects are attracted by the light and heat of the lamp and will be killed by the electric shock they receive when they touch it.

If you have a good tip on how to get rid of flies, please let us know.

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