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Tips on how to get chewing gum off clothes

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Chewing gum is terribly sticky and initially it seems difficult to remove chewing gum from the carpet, clothing or upholstery. There are times when chewing gum is rock solid. Fortunately there are lots of options for cleaning chewing gum.

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Tips on how to remove chewing gum from clothes

how to remove chewing gum from carpetWe looked at different websites, blogs and home remedies for cleaning chewing gum. The tips on how to get gum out of clothes ranged from peanut butter or lighter fluid to tips for treating a specific surface.

3 ways to remove gumfrom clothes and other surfaces

A number of websites and blogs mention the following home remedies.

1. Peanut butter
Peanut butter appears to be a convenient product for getting small pieces of gum out of clothes. Spread the peanut butter on the chewing gum and wash the garment at 40 degrees. As you’re washing the clothing immediately in the washing machine, the peanut butter should not leave any greasy stains.

how to remove chewing gum from clothes

2. Solvent
Solvent is also an option for removing gum. Use a bit of kitchen roll and moisten it with the solvent. Carefully rub the chewing gum and it will start to come loose slowly.

3. Lighter fluid
You can also use lighter fluid. Lighter fluid will harden the chewing gum, ensuring you can scrape it off.

How to remove chewing gum from clothes or specific surfaces

Remove chewing gum from various surfaces quickly with HG chewing gum remover! This chewing gum remover completely freezes the chewing gum so that it hardens completely. When frozen, you can easily remove chewing gum from clothes, car upholstery or carpet.

1. Removing chewing gum from clothes
Put the garment with the chewing gum briefly in the freezer, with the gum facing up so that it hardens. Then try to scrape the gum off carefully with a knife. Be careful not to damage the fibre of the fabric!

2. Removing bits of gum from clothes
After that you can remove any remaining bits by bringing a cup of white vinegar to the boil and using that to moisten the stain and brush it loose carefully. Then you wash the item of clothing in accordance with the care label.

3. Remove chewing gum from carpet or furniture
Do you wonder how to get chewing gum off a carpet, the settee, chair or car chair? By using ice cubes! Just put a number of ice cubes in a plastic bag and use them to cool the chewing gum until it has hardened on the carpet fibers.

Then scrape it off without damaging the carpet or the upholstery. Treat any remaining bits of chewing gum with white vinegar; see above.

4. Remove chewing gum from hair
If you ended up with chewing gum stuck in your hair, you can get it off by rubbing the chewing gum with peanut butter. Leave the peanut butter to work and then massage it off with your fingers. Remember to wash your hair properly!

Unfortunately, these types of DIY remedies don't always work the way you want them to. There is a major chance of stains when you use peanut butter. Lighter fluid is smelly and you want to be absolutely sure there are no bits of gum left on the clothing or the carpet, because who wants to deal with boiled white vinegar!? So try HG chewing gum remover that was developed specifically for this purpose.

Remove chewing gum from clothes with HG

With HG chewing gum remover you can remove chewing gum from carpets and all types of surfaces quickly! This product freezes the chewing gum completely, so that becomes extremely hard. In this frozen state it is easy to remove from your clothes, car upholstery or the carpet, for example with a blunt knife. 


Do you have a good tip for removing chewing gum? Let us know!

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