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Tips: remove scale

HG would like to share some tips on how you can remove scale from the bathroom or from appliances, such as the washing machine, the coffee machine or an electric kettle. 

An overview of our tips for scale

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How to remove limescale from kettle

  • kitchen
  • electric kettle

It is difficult to prevent scale from forming in an electric kettle. The only way to prevent scale is by having a water-softener…

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How to remove limescale

  • bathroom

Limescale is formed when calcium and magnesium ions attach to walls, taps, etc.  Calcium and magnesium are found in water,…

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How to descale Nespresso machine

  • kitchen

Your Nespresso machine contains a heating element to heat the water and an aluminium frame is attached to that element. Our…

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Did you know...

an electric kettle with scale is slower and works less well?

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How to remove limescale from kettle

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Tips for removing scale

If you live in an area with hard water, your appliances can show significant signs of scale. A bathroom suffers too. The above tips help you to remove this scale, including the scale that normally seems impossible to remove.

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There are recommendations for descaling, but there are also usage and maintenance tips that help you to prevent persistent problems as much as possible.

Scale in the bathroom

Scale in the bathroom generally starts to appear around the tap in the basin or on the tap or shower head itself. The glass shower wall and tiles of the shower cubicle often have a dull film or other signs of scale. HG has a range of products you can use to remove scale from the bathroom, including HG scale away foam spray or HG professional limescale remover. Search and find the ideal tips!

Scale in household appliances

In appliances that use water you will have scale over time, which reduces their performance and for example the coffee may not taste as good any more. Scale can also develop in washing machines and dishwashers and ultimately this affects their lifespan, particularly if you don't deal with it. You can prevent major problems by maintaining your washing machine or dishwasher properly.

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You may have a convenient tip for scale that you would like to share. Please use this form, our readers will be grateful! Please contact us if you have a question or a comment.