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Tips: maintaining leather & furniture

Keep your leather clothing, leather sofa or wooden table beautiful with HG! Take a look below at our cleaning and maintenance tips for leather, but also for upholstered and wooden furniture. 

An overview of our tips for leather & furniture

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Tips for maintaining leather

Are you looking for tips to maintain leather products and furniture? Read more about how you can clean, nourish and protect. If you follow this maintenance advice, you can keep any leather item of clothing or furniture beautiful and supple, guaranteeing years of enjoyment! Above you find a range of products that help you to maintain leather and furniture. 

Maintain furniture

Wooden furniture
First check wooden furniture and other wooden objects for woodworm from time to time. The best maintenance for your wooden furniture depends on the type of wood. For example teak furniture is best treated with oil, for example with HG nourishing oil teak furniture to ensure it is nourished and protected and remains in good condition. HG has nourishing furniture oil for teak, but also for mahogany, oak, cherry and walnut. 

Upholstered furniture
Upholstered sofas and comfortable chairs also need regular maintenance. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and crumbs and remove stains with HG spot & stain spray cleaners. After use, these sprays also have a dirt-repellent effect. HG deep cleaner for leather  is extremely suitable for cleaning sofas of full aniline and coated leather types deep into the pores of the leather finish. HG Carpet & upholstery cleaner (product 95) removes dirt from carpets and upholstery and fills the uneven fibre surface with a dirt-repellent coating.

Questions or own tips

If you have a question about furniture or leather products, please ask one of our employees. If you have your own maintenance tip, we would be pleased to receive it! You will be helping other readers with their maintenance and cleaning challenges.