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Tips: maintaining the garden

Every garden needs regular maintenance, such as cleaning patio tiles, flower pots and garden furniture. Dealing with vermin can be an issue too. HG provides a helping hand and makes these and other maintenance jobs a lot easier!

An overview of our tips for garden

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How to remove green deposits

  • algae

Green deposits often occur in moist spots that do not get a lot of sun. Patio or garden tiles in the shade are often affected…

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How to remove rust

Rust is one of the most common forms of corrosion, or in other words metal that is affected by a reaction with its environment.…

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How to remove green deposits

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Tidy up the garden and the patio

Spring is usually the best time to tidy up the garden and clean the patio. Garden furniture and flower pots have to be cleaned and green deposits need to be removed from the patio tiles. Shrubs, such as buddleia and jasmine, need to be pruned, you need to cut out the dead branches and prick your lawn. It is also a good time to remove weeds, before plants start to grow and whilst you can still reach them. Start dealing with slugs on time, before they become a plague. 

Remove green deposits

One of the big spring jobs is to remove green deposits from the patio, walls and flower pots. In the autumn and winter, algae have plenty of opportunity to develop because there is less sunshine and weather conditions are damper. HG has collected some tips for you on how you remove green deposits. Your patio will look clean and tidy quickly!

Eradicate vermin

Besides tidying up the garden, preventing and eradicating vermin are also part of recurring garden maintenance. For example, dealing with aphids that gorge on your roses or thrips that can be a true plague for your vines. Nuisance from slugs and ants also needs to be prevented as much as possible. When ants start to invade your house, it is important to deal with this properly. Wasps can cause a lot of nuisance too. Click on the above links and read more about how you can prevent thisas much as possible and how you can deal with the issues.

Share your own tip or ask a question

Do you have a convenient maintenance tip for the garden? Use this form to share it with us. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have a question or a comment.