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The best tips for how to clean a washing machine

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Cleaning out your washing machine, is that really necessary? Most certainly! Even washing machines can become dirty in time, often in areas you cannot see, and this decreases their cleaning performance. You end up with clothes that are not as clean and you may even have to wash them a second time. You will find various tips on the internet for cleaning the inside of your washing machine. And also for ways to prevent problems caused by a dirty washing machine.

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Tips to prevent having to clean your washing machine

cleaning washing machine

Your washing machine probably looks clean.However, inevitably you will have to deep clean your washing machine from time to time, because every wash produces a bit of limescale, soap and dirt. HG service engineer prevents build up in hard to see and hard to reach parts, such as filters, floats and drainage pipes, giving the machine a longer lifespan. If you do not clean out your washing machine, the following problems may occur gradually:

  • Laundry does not get clean
  • Programme takes too long
  • Machine does not heat properly
  • Machine continues to pump water or even a defective heating element


HG service engineer ensures that the rubber seals of the washing machine remain elastic and water-proof, preventing leaks, malfunctioning or short-circuiting.

What can I use to clean my washing machine

We found some household solutions on blogs with cleaning tips on what to use to clean washing machines

According to the blogs there are some household methods for cleaning your washing machine and keeping them that way.
how to clean your washing machine

1. Hottest setting
Some blogs say you can descale your washing machine by occasionally running a hot wash at 90 degrees. This has a softening effect. Whilst you run this programme, you could add a dishwashing tablet to the drum (not to the detergent drawer) to deep clean the washing machine.

2. Vinegar
You can try using vinegar to descale your washing machine. Run a programme at 60 degrees with an empty drum. However, plenty of social media sites recommend you don't use cleaning vinegar, because this could affect the rubber seals. They recommend you use natural vinegar.

3. Soda
You can also clean the washing machine with soda. Add half a cup of soda to the empty drum. Then run a programme at a high-temperature setting, preferably 90 or 95 degrees. The combination of the (baking) soda and the hot water dissolves all the dirt.

4. Detergent
Some blogs recommend you don't use liquid detergents, this supposedly reduces the chance of dirt.

Have you tried the above tips and had little or no success? Try the HG solutions that have been developed especially for deep cleaning your washing machine.

HG solutions for cleaning your washing machine

HG has various solutions for cleaning your top loader or front loader washing machine. The aforementioned HG service engineer for washing machines and dishwashers is mainly focused on preventing faults in the washing machine by cleaning invisible parts properly. By doing this you ensure that unnecessary faults are prevented and the washing machine continues to run well. HG smelly washing machine cleaner was developed to remove or prevents unpleasant smells in the washing machine effectively. It is recommended to use this product once a month.

Why clean your washing machine regularly?

Grease and soap build-up is one of the reasons you need to clean the inside of your washing machine regularly. Skin grease, soap and skin cells and other dirt can clump together to form grease flecks, which cause your laundry to smell less fresh over time.

Washing at low temperatures

Many people now do their laundry at lower temperatures. That way the washing machine does not always get hot enough to dissolve all the detergent and fabric softener. This can cause grease to form in the washing machine and in turn, stains on your clothing. It is important to run your washing machine at a higher temperature every once in a while, for example, when washing bed linen or towels. This ensures that the detergent dissolves completely.

Do not use too much detergent

Be careful not to use too much detergent. Particularly in combination with doing your laundry at low temperatures, as this may cause problems with your washing machine over time.

Do you have a good tip for cleaning the washing machine? Let us know!

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