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HG UPVC 'powerful' cleaner | cleans all kinds of synthetic frames, windows and doors

HG UPVC 'powerful' cleaner is a very special, extremely powerful cleaner, especially developed to thoroughly clean all kinds of synthetic frames, windows, doors, etc., without attacking the materials. This unique product easily and quickly removes any atmospheric contamination, nicotine deposits and many other types of dirt, making your UPVC as good as new again.

  • Easy and quick to use
  • For all your synthetics

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  • Contents: 500 ml
£ 5.79

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Product information

How do you use HG UPVC 'powerful' cleaner?

The product can be directly sprayed on the surface or on a cloth, and then wiped over the surface to be cleaned.

Depending on the amount of dirt, allow a while for the product to work.

Label information

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HG UPVC ''powerful'' cleaner 0.5L
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