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Toilet | clean your toilet hygienically with HG


Want to clean your toilet fast and hygienically?HG has various toilet cleaning products for hygienic cleaning of the entire toilet. There are products for regular hygienic cleaning and a special super powerful cleaner for easily removing problem stains, such as uric scale. Important to know: contrary to many of the other power cleaners, this HG super powerful cleaner does not contain any hydrochloric acid! Hydrochloric acid can damage the toilet bowl glaze. And hydrochloric acid creates fumes that affect the stainless steel and chrome in your toilet and damage the surface. Choose therefore the safe solution with the toilet cleaning products from HG!


Clean your toilet effectively

The HG toilet bowl cleaning products remove both dirt and limescale from your toilet bowl. Limescale makes the surface rough, making dirt and bacteria build up even easier. You can prevent limescale by regularly cleaning the toilet bowl with toilet cleaning products from HG; this also prevents limescale build up, which reduces the flushing action of the toilet. Stubborn problem dirt can be easily removed with the specially developed HG super powerful toilet cleaner.