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HG tile power cleaner effectively removes grease and caked-on dirt

HG tile power cleaner 1L (product 19) was specially developed for intensive cleaning of floor tiles and flagstones. This powerful tile cleaner removes grease and caked-on dirt quickly and effortlessly, making tile floors and flagstones clean again.

  • Removes grease and caked-on dirt
  • Also removes protective (polish) films
  • For floor tiles and flagstones

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  • Contents: 1 L
£ 9.50

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Product information

HG tile power cleaner especially for intensive cleaning

This powerful tile cleaner is also suitable for removing polish and other protective films such as HG protective coating satin finish (product 14). 1 litre of HG tile power cleaner is sufficient for approximately 20 to 40m2 floor surface, depending on how dirty the floor is. This powerful tile cleaner is slightly foaming and therefore also suitable for use with a scrubbing machine.

How do you use HG tile power cleaner?

Follow the steps below for correct use of HG tile power cleaner.

For normal powerful cleaning:

  1. Dissolve half a litre of HG tile power cleaner in half a bucket (5L) of lukewarm water.
  2. Apply it liberally with a floor cloth or mop. Do not treat more than 10 to 15m² at a time. 
  3. Leave the powerful tile cleaner to work for approximately 5-10 minutes. If needed, scrub with a stiff broom or scrubbing brush.
  4. Remove the solution from the surface with a floor cloth or mop, regularly rinsing and wringing it out in water. 
  5. Mop the floor once or twice again with clean water.

To remove stubborn dirt or old polish or other protective films:

Dissolve 1 litre in a bucket with 4 litres of lukewarm water and follow the steps above.

For use with a scrubbing machine:

Dissolve 50 ml in 2.5 – 5 litres of water, depending on the amount of dirt.

Which HG products do I need for my tile floor?

Besides powerful cleaning or removing a protective coating with this HG krachtreiniger, the HG range for tile floors has a number of different cleaners to choose from. However, the HG range also contains many different products for the optimum protection of your tile floor!

To find out which HG products you need to protect and nourish your tile floor in the best possible way, consult our HG tile floors treatment matrix.

Label information

Click below to view the entire label including the hazard statements of HG tile power cleaner (polish, wax and dirt remover) (product 19) 1L.

HG tile power cleaner (polish, wax
and dirt remover) (product 19) 1L
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View instruction video

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