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HG perspiration and deodorant stain remover | the effective deodorant remover against yellow stains

HG perspiration and deodorant stain remover is the deodorant remover as an effective pre-treatment for removing yellow stains from fabrics that are caused by perspiration or deodorant. No more yellow deodorant or perspiration stains after a treatment with our deodorant remover!

  • Removes stubborn yellow perspiration and deodorant stains effectively
  • Suitable for white and coloured fabrics

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  • Contents: 250 ml
£ 4.99

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Product information

Effective stubborn yellow perspiration stain and deodorant remover

These stubborn yellow stains cannot be removed with ordinary detergents or stain removers, but our HG perspiration and deodorant stain remover will make them disappear. This deodorant remover is suitable to remove sweat stains from white and coloured fabrics. Using this stain remover before every wash also prevents yellow stains.

How do you use HG perspiration and deodorant stain remover?

Remove sweat stains from clothing? Follow the steps below to remove deodorant stains and perspiration stains from clothes or to prevent them with HG perspiration and deodorant stain remover:

  1. Spray a liberal amount of HG perspiration and deodorant stain remover on the stains.
  2. Leave to absorb for 30 minutes, without allowing the liquid to dry out. Prevent the liquid from coming into contact with other materials or surfaces.
  3. Then put the treated laundry in the washing machine and wash it as usual with a recommended amount of main detergent at max 60°C.

Label information

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HG perspiration and deodorant stain remover
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