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Sanitary | Quick and thorough bathroom cleaners from HG


Your bathroom is in good hands, HGhas exactly the right bathroom cleaner for every sanitary cleaning job. From removing limescale to hygienic cleaning of the sauna. Our range of sanitary products includes concentrated bathroom cleaner products and ready-to-use sprays. All suitable for safe and effective cleaning of your bathroom. These sanitary products can be used for regular cleaning as well as for removing the most stubborn dirt and deposits. Cleaning your bathroom has never been so easy.


Hygienically clean bathroom with our bathroom tile cleaners and bathroom cleaning products

A hygienic bathroom is crucial. After all, you use it every day and the humid environment is the ideal place for (fast growing) bacteria and mould. Regular cleaning with a bathroom cleaner is absolutely essential! Choose an HG bathroom tile cleaner or another bathroom cleaning product from HG and get the best results when removing soap residue, skin grease and limescale. The sanitary cleaning products from HG are powerful and effective, but of course also safe for all surfaces, such as chrome, glaze and grout. HG has the right, high-quality solution for every problem in your bathroom!