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HG mould remover foam spray | thé most effective mould remover spray

HG mould remover foam spray immediately and effortlessly eliminates all moulds, making filthy black stains disappear. This foam formula gives the mould remover spray better staying power, longer working time and a milder fragrance all without splashing

  • For tiles, silicon seals, plaster, etc.
  • Self-acting
  • Results within 30 minutes
  • Milder fragrance
  • Less chance of splashing
  • Easier to spray directly on the mould
  • Even better working

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  • Contents: 500 ml
£ 7.39

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Product information

Longer-working mould spray

This mould and mildew remover immediately eliminates mould in damp areas, both indoors and outdoors. The foam remains on the surface longer which means a better and longer working. Mould, damp or weather stains often appear on the silicon seal between the bathtub and the tiled wall, in the shower cubicle or on plaster. This mildew remover spray from HG has a unique foam formula. The foam remains on the surface longer which means a better and longer working. This black mould remover has a milder fragrance, and is easier to spray directly on mould or mildew. A mould and mildew remover without splashing. For the spray variant, we advise HG mould spray.

How does HG mould remover foam spray work?

Follow the steps below for correct use of HG mould remover foam spray.

  1. Spray the surface from a distance of 3 to 5 cm with HG mould remover foam spray.
  2. Leave the mould remover spray to work for approximately 30 minutes.
  3. Clean with water and a sponge.
  4. The result is a mould-free environment!

Use biocides safely. Read the label and product information before use.

Label information

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HG mould remover foam spray 0.5L
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