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Mould | Remove mould from your home with HG


HG has mould removal products to effectively and easily remove black mould. Mould in your home not only looks bad and causes bad odours, it is also bad for your health. HG has solutions to easily and hygienically remove this black mould from sealant edges, tile grout, plaster and shower cubicles. See our mould cleaning products below that of course can be used not only in bathrooms, but in any places where mould occurs, such as the kitchen, the toilet, the cellar, garage or shed. Quickly remove mould from your home with HG’s best sellers!


Remove mould from the bathroom

The risk of mould formation is highest in the bathroom, since it is the room with the most water and moisture. Even with a good ventilation system and regular airing, you cannot always prevent mould formation without mould prevention products! HG has a quick and easy solution for black mould in its two unique sprays with mould products as well as anti mould cleaning products. No need to clean or scrub after use, the mould simply disappears.