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Insecticides | Combat insects effectively with HG insecticides


To efficiently combatinsects, of course you choose HG insecticides.HG has a specific solution for all types of unwanted insects and other parasites in and around the house. From flying insects and crawling bugs to mice and woodworm. Our insecticides range consists of various types of sprays, natural slug pellets, ant powder and ant traps, but it also includes a handy mouse trap and an effective flyswatter. 


Insecticides for all types of unwanted parasites

Mice, mosquitoes, flies, wasps, aphids, moths, fleas, silverfish or fruit flies. As useful as they can be to nature, they are unwanted guests in your home. HG has just the right insecticide to get rid of any type of insect. Efficient and hygienic mousetraps that can be used over and over again, various insect sprays against insects and other crawling or flying parasites, but also products to protect plants and crops.

What are insecticides?

Insecticides are pesticides against unwanted insects and other parasites that cause problems in and around the house. Some of these insects and parasites reproduce very quickly. Another reason to combat them in a timely manner and make sure you buy these insecticides online.