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HG insect remover | for insects on any part of the car

HG insect remover soaks caked-on and dried-out insects from your car and they come off easily. It goes without saying that this insect remover for cars is safe for the entire bodywork. With HG insect remover you deal quickly and easily with insects on your windscreen or the bonnet. The car looks like new again!

  • Removes even the worst insect stains
  • Also ideal as a pre-treatment at the car wash
  • Also suitable for motorbikes/mopeds and helmets.

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  • Contents: 500 ml
£ 4.59

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Product information

The bug remover for cars - for all the bodywork

Normally, it is virtually impossible to removed caked-on insects, flies in particular, from the bonnet, bumper or the windscreen. Not even when you wash thoroughly by hand or in the car wash. Scrubbing extra hard with a sponge or brush only produces damage to the paintwork. With HG insect remover even the most caked-on, dried-out insects on the bonnet, bumper or windscreen are cleaned. This bug remover for cars is also suitable for removing insects from motorbikes, mopeds, scooters and helmets.

How do you use HG insect remover?

Spray the surface that requires treatment liberally with HG insect remover and leave it to work for a few minutes. Wash the car, or another vehicle, in the usual way with HG car wax shampoo for example. The insect remover for cars is also suitable for use as pre-treatment for the car wash.

Label information

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HG insect remover 0.5L
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