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HG air con cleaner | cleans the car's air-conditioning system

HG air con cleaner cleans the car's air-conditioning system quickly and effectively and produces a wonderfully fresh fragrance. Over time, a car's air-conditioning system starts to spread a dirty, musty odour that is caused by accumulated dust, pollen, nicotine and other dirt in the car''s air-conditioning. With this product you no longer need the garage to clean your car''s air-conditioning. 

  • Simple in use
  • With a wonderfully fresh fragrance

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  • Contents: 300 ml
£ 10.45

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How do you use HG air con cleaner?

  1. Close all the windows of the car and push the passenger seat as far forward as possible. Move the back of the seat as far forward as possible too, so that the spray mist cannot reach the back. 
  2. Switch on the car engine and put the air-conditioning in the recirculation position. During recirculation, air is not taken in from outside and the air inside the car circulates and is not exhausted outside. 
  3. Put the fan in the highest position. Choose the grill in the dashboard as the escape direction, so that the air does not blow towards the front windscreen or the floor. 
  4. Put the HG air con cleaner on the floor behind the passenger seat. Push down the spray button of the spray can until it locks into position. Make sure that the spray mist does not touch anything. 
  5. Leave the car, close all the doors and ensure the car is closed is completely. When the spray can is completely empty, allow the air-conditioning to run for at least another 5 minutes. 
  6. Then switch off the engine and ventilate the car thoroughly for at least 5 minutes by opening all the doors and windows.

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HG air con cleaner 0.3L


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