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HG air neutraliser for all bad smells | the air freshener that neutralises bad smells

HG air neutraliser for all bad smells removes all unpleasant odours caused by frying fish, boiling sprouts, frying chips or smoking cigarettes. The air freshener of HG neutralises all bad smells in the house.

  • Does not mask but removes the source of the odour
  • A natural cleaning process based on plant extracts

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  • Contents: 400 ml
£ 5.89

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Product information

Need to buy a neutralising air freshener for the most difficult smells?

Our natural air freshener is a harmless water-based plant extract that neutralises the most persistent odours effectively and leaves clean and healthy air. The user-friendly spray can works on air pressure, produces an extremely even spray and can be used in all positions (upright or upside down). The air refresher does not mask, but removes the smell; a natural cleaning process based on plant extracts.

How do you use HG air neutraliser for all bad smells?

Follow the steps below to remove odours with the air freshener spray HG air neutraliser for all bad smells.

  1. Generously spray the air freshener for your home in the area where the air needs to be neutralised. 
  2. The air will be clean again after 15 minutes. 
  3. If the odour is persistent, you can repeat the treatment with the air freshener for the room.

However, if the unpleasant smell has not yet been neutralized after 2 treatments, it may be that the source that causes the odour is still present. The source can be dealt with effectively with HG eliminator of all unpleasant smells at source.

Label information

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HG air neutraliser for all bad smells 0.4L
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View instruction video

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