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Privacy Policy of UK.HG.EU

HG Privacy Statement


Last updated on: 30.10.2018


This privacy policy governs HG’s services. You should realise that HG International is not responsible for the Privacy Policy of other sites or sources. By using this website you state to accept the Privacy Policy. HG International respects the privacy of all the users of its site and ensures that the personal information you provided is treated confidentially. We realise that you have put your trust in us, and we believe it is our responsibility to protect your privacy. On this page we tell you which details we collect when you visit our website, why we collect those details and how we use them to improve your user experience. Then you will understand exactly how we work.

Our website is constantly under development and therefore our Privacy Policy may change. As soon as something changes, we note that in this Privacy Policy. We recommend you check this Privacy Policy regularly.

Contact details

The details of our head office are:

Damsluisweg 70
1332 EJ Almere
+31 (0)36 549 47 00

Our postal address:

Postbus 30078
1303 AB Almere


Personal data

Our digital media collect personal data in various places. Your privacy is important to us, and therefore we only collect the data required to provide our services. The following data are collected on the website:

Your first name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, address (town, postcode, street and house number), payment details.


Below you can read where and how these data are collected

HG account

When you create an account on the HG website, your first name, surname, address (town, postcode, street, house number) and e-mail address are processed with the aim of making ordering easier by storing your data and for offering extras, such as sharing your opinion of our products on the website. These data will be stored until you close your account.


Processing orders placed on the website
If you place an order on our website, your first name, surname, address (town, postcode, street and house number), e-mail address, and payment details will be processed with the aim of complying a purchase agreement with you and sending the products you purchased. These data are only collected at the time you enter them and they are only used for the purpose of sending an invitation to leave a product review via the Feedback Company. These data are stored for 7 years, which is a statutory period. After this period, the data are erased.


Contact forms
When you contact us by means of the contact form on the website, we record your surname, e-mail address and country of origin. All other fields are optional. These data are only collected at the time you complete the contact form and are used to respond personally to your contact request. We process those data under the legal processing ground of ‘justified interest’. The collected data are stored up to 2 months following the last contact, so we can follow up your messages. After two months we assume that we have met your need for information and that the data are no longer required. You can always send a new message of course. This concerns the following forms:


To send our newsletter, we record your first name, surname and e-mail address. Your first name and surname are collected to address the newsletter personally to you. Your e-mail address is used to send the newsletter. If you complete a form on the website, you will asked if you want to subscribe to the newsletter. If you click on ‘no’, your details are not saved for this purpose, if you click on ‘yes’, your data are stored and we send the newsletter on the basis of your permission. The data are kept until you unsubscribe from the newsletter. You can unsubscribe by scrolling to the bottom of one of the newsletters and then clicking on ‘Unsubscribe from the newsletter’.


If you respond to a vacancy via our website, we record your first name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, postcode, street, house number, town and country, and any documents you attached, such as your CV and a covering letter. These data can only be accessed by the P&O Department. Your application details are kept up to maximum 4 weeks from the end of the application procedure. If we wish to keep the data longer, we will ask permission in advance. In that case, the data is removed after one year. 

We only use the information that is relevant to assessing suitability for the post.

All the information that is obtained from the applicant is treated confidentially and with due care, and the applicant's privacy is respected in all cases.


Finding a point of sale location finder
In the point of sale location finder you can enter your town or postcode to find the nearest location. These data are only processed once for location purposes after you have entered the details manually. These data are not saved and not shared with third parties.

Right of access and right to be forgotten

You have a right of access to the data collected about you. You can exercise this right by applying to us by means of the contact form.

Besides this right, you also have the right to erasure of your personal data from our systems. You can exercise this right by applying to us by means of the contact form.


Processing Agreements

We engage third parties as processors to provide our services. We have concluded a processing agreement with those parties. For example, we work together with an organisation that provides e-mail software, an organisation that provides web analytical software, a party that helps with processing orders and a party that helps with advertising and marketing purposes. These parties process personal data in accordance with the order and the applicable privacy legislation.

  • Adwise /
  • DotXS / www.
  • Spotler /
  • Buckaroo /
  • Feedback Company /


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Questions or submitting objections

In the event of questions, objections or complaints in respect of collecting personal data and other privacy-sensitive information, please contact our customer services centre by using the contact form or by telephone on +44 (0)1206 822744.